Saturday, April 22, 2017

When Time Goes Still ..!!

It's been a while since I last posted anything even though my life had been entirely a rollercoaster ride. This space is so generous to take me back despite me neglecting it all these while. I am glad that I have something that has accepted me the way I have been all these days and I can rant anything good or bad that I feel. I am so grateful to this blog for capturing all my moments and emotions and have been such a beautiful way of remembering the things. In these few days my life has changed completely and left me clueless. But just as I am trying to gather myself, I keep making even some more memories... the beautiful ones, the precious ones! That's more like a silver lining in between the darkness of clouds.

The thing that I have enjoyed the most apart from reading, is traveling. I guess I can travel throughout my life if I have the company I want. A desired company always makes a journey delightful! This experience is what provokes me to mention something about some of my previous trips.

The first trip to be mentioned is to Pondicherry. My third one! It all started when all of a sudden I got a message from my friend asking me to just go somewhere. Like all earlier times, we kept checking for places/ buses/ hotels and kept on rotating around the same options that we have all earlier times and could not decide. Then after lots of back forth we decided it to be Pondicherry. Train was booked under emergency and hotel was booked just the same day. But amongst all these chaos, we managed to get to the station on time, could plan the whole itinerary just on time. Like my friend says, we are getting better every time! To this, I will just tell you.. We will be perfect when we avoid these last moment decisions. But I agree, that's the fun!

Pondicherry is just amazing, the perfect blend of Indian and Western culture. I am such a fan of French architecture and cuisine and White Town there is just heaven for me! I don't mind not going to the sea or the ashram or any such spiritual place. For me.. for us, fun was just roaming around and gaze the sea waves for hours. From morning we would start from our cute little room and just roam around and explore... halt at Le Cafe and savor the yummy lasagna... talk about previous trips and other memories... search for other French joints to eat... walk around the entire French colony searching that place and finally enjoy a delicious lunch over some amazing drinks! Nothing would beat the flow, neither the heat nor the pain of walking around and the best part yet remained - when you come back tired and drained and yet you can feel the chilling air coming from the slight space of your hotel room! The rush to get inside and that moment was just crazy! The short power nap of two hours, in that chilling AC on top of an eventful day and a bit of alcohol in that cocktail, was just enough for us to come into form for the evening. The agenda for the evening remained pretty much same except that it became musical! We spent hours on the promenade crooning to some of our all time favorite songs. People were passing by, waves were coming and going, evening was setting by, the calmness was settling in and the songs just made the time stop! How I wish that moment to just go on and on!! We were lost, no worries, no tensions, no works, no stress... just pure bliss! The evening was magical!! We stopped only when we felt the roller coaster within us and realized that we were hungry. The second highlight of the evening was the amazing rooftop dinner at Le Chateau - empty hall, dim lights, slow soothing music, pleasant weather, awesome delicacies, classy drinks, great company and a perfect moment! I can still feel that moment as I write! It was just a dream! The dream just got sweeter when we had ice cream after the dinner!

The weekend was spent in just roaming around the local town and the unknown roads of the White Town and all those numerous talks about the place and various other places and the people and lunch again at Le Chateau and snacks at Le Cafe and songs again at the Promenade. And it was just perfect!

A few things worth mentioning that almost drove me crazy and yet adds to this memorable trip would be the crazy auto rickshaw, L2B Lounge (amazing ambience), the super crazy breakfast that we got in our hotel, the waiters at the Le Cafe and of course, the busy Bussy Street with a number of ENT Clinics!

The two days were a beautiful dream and we are still clouted by the memories. I don't want to come out of this hangover!!

People hold on to memories so tight because memories don't change when everything else does!!

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